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Building for our Future

Surgical Center Capital Campaign

On behalf of the WCHS and the animals who come to us in need of help, we are announcing our Building for our Future Capital Campaign where we aim to raise $200,000 to build a much-needed surgery center to replace our 42-year-old vet trailer.

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A new surgical center would..

With your help, our staff, and the work of local vets, we can curb the overpopulation of companion animals in our community.

A new surgery center would....

  • Create a space to fit our animal care needs for more than 1,200 animals annually.

  • Support Trap-Neuter-Release programs for cats to reduce overpopulation.

  • Ensure a clean, safe medical environment for pets and our vets.

  • Decrease our animal shelter stay length.

We are excited to share that we’ve raised $193,000 of the $200,000 to date. 

You can make a gift online here, at the Wayne County Community Foundations’ website, or send a check to the Wayne County Community Foundation with “WCHS Surgical Building and Maintenance Fund” in the memo.


On behalf of our four-legged friends and the shelter, we thank you for your consideration and support.

Please send checks to:

Wayne County Community Foundation 
517 North Market Street
Wooster, Ohio 44691

Outside of Vet trailer.png

Current Vet Trailer 

This vet trailer is the un-sung hero of our operation. Unfortunately, it is showing its 42-year-old wear. During the cold snap in 2022, the pipes froze, burst, and flooded. The ‘band-aids’ we’ve applied over the years are no longer able to sustain the use.

Additionally, our capacity of animals in our care has nearly doubled since we received the donated trailer more than 15 years ago. There is not enough room for the animals to recover in our trailer, thus we have to utilize other parts of the shelter--for example, the garage pictured below.

  • Dog Surgery room: $25,000 (Already sponsored)

  • Cat Surgery room: $25,000

  • Surgery Table for each room: $15,000

  • Animal Prep Station: $10,000

  • Rest and Recover room: $10,000

  • Animal Advocate: $5,000

  • Paw Protector: $2,500

  • Animal Advisor: $1,000

Vet trailer inside w cabinets.png
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