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Foster Application

Want to become a pet foster parent? The Wayne County Humane Society, Inc. thanks you for considering providing a short term foster home to one or more of our pets until they are placed in a forever home. The following information will help our staff place you with the right pet. Please take a few moments to fill out the following information to the best of your knowledge. Submitting the application will not guarantee the availability of any animal.

Do you own the property at the address above?
Do any dogs or cats currently live at the address above?

I am interested in fostering for...

Behavior fosters (dogs only)
Medical (recovery)

By submitting this form, I understand that the Wayne County Humane Society has the right to question and refuse all foster applications. I give permission to make inquiries about any and all records and information as provided on the Foster Application, this includes all current and previous veterinary records and information. I will not hold liable the Wayne County Humane Society, Inc. or any establishment mentioned, if my application is refused for any reason. If my application is accepted, I understand that the Foster Contract I will be required to sign is a legal and binding document. By signing this I agree to uphold all requirements in this document, including applicable fees. I also agree to relinquish the animal to the Society if I fail to comply with the requirements to the satisfaction of the Society.

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