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View Found Animals 

These animals have been found and are being held at the shelter. If you believe one of these animals is your pet, please call us at (330) 202-0152. Because we incur costs to shelter lost animals, we charge a fee of $11 per day that an owner must pay when collecting their pet. If medical expenses have been incurred for a pet, the owner will be responsible for those costs as well. We do not accept adoption applications for the pets on this page. 

Lost Animals

If you have lost your pet, please let us know by emailing Please note that we only accept lost cats and small animals (rabbits, guinea pigs, etc.). Lost dogs are handled by the Wayne County Dog Shelter in Wooster, Ohio. Please include the following information in your email: 


  • Type of pet (cat or small animal only)

  • Name(s) your pet responds to

  • Gender of your pet and whether he/she is neutered/spayed  - please include pictures

  • Age of your pet

  • Breed of your pet and identifying features (color, fur type, collar)

  • When your pet was last seen and where

  • Your contact information


We scan every pet that comes through our doors for a microchip and do our best to cross-reference all intakes against the lost pet list. We encourage owners of lost pets to check our website and Facebook page regularly for updates on pets in our shelter. Additionally, there are a number of resources for lost pets in the area, including the Lost Pets of Wayne County, Ohio Facebook page,, and You may also find it helpful to contact local veterinarians' offices. 

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