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The Rascal Unit

The Rascal Unit consists of two mobile veterinary hospitals based in Dublin, Ohio. They travel throughout the state with the help of local humane organizations, pounds, and shelters to bring compassionate pet sterilization and routine veterinary care to individuals in need. 

2023 Rascal Unit Dates

The Rascal Unit is visiting the Wayne County Humane Society on:

March 16
June 22
August 24
October 26

Rascal Unit Registration

The Rascal Unit is a limited space clinic. Registration opens one month before each clinic. Beginning in 2023, sign ups for The Rascal Unit at WCHS take place online. Use the steps and links below to register each animal you plan to bring. 

Booking Steps

To secure your space on the next Rascal Unit, complete the following steps:

1. Click on the correct link below and complete and pay for your spot online. One link is for male cats, the other link is used for all of the following: female cats, male dogs, and female dogs. You should register each animal individually.

1. Male Cat Registration

2. *Female Cat, Male Dog, Female Dog Registration

2. After you are paid, visit this Rascal Unit website and print and complete the appropriate forms. You can request printed copies of the forms from WCHS if you are unable to print.

Male and Female Cat Form

Male and Female Dog Form

Microchip Form

3. Bring completed paperwork on the day of your clinic along with rabies vaccination proof (unless getting this at this clinic).

4. Expect a phone call from our Volunteer and Event Coordinator to schedule your drop off time.

5. Read the What to Expect Information on The Rascal Unit's Website.




Do not feed dogs or cats 6 months or older after midnight. Puppies and kittens under 6 months of age must be fed half their normal amount the morning of surgery. 


Dogs must be on a secure leash at all times, unless they are small enough to be in a crate or carried. Upon check in, owner will be directed by volunteers to place their dog in the appropriate cage and remove leash.


Rascal Unit requires all cats must come in a carrier. only one pet per carrier to prevent problems after surgery.

Please label your pet’s carrier clearly with the following information:

Your pet’s name

Your name and last name


If you are bringing in a feral or stray cat, we ask that you do so in a humane trap. This makes it easier and safer for the cat and the staff to sedate and manage the cat prior to surgery.

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