WCHS is transitioning to a smaller, independent, non-profit organization.
See "About Us" for more details.



If you have found a stray dog, please call the Wayne County Sheriff's Dispatch at (330) 287-5705.

If you have lost your dog, please call (330) 345-1018 or click here to view the dogs recently impounded at the Wayne County Dog Shelter and Adoption Center.

Note: Any dogs seized by the dog warden prior to September 1, 2015, were impounded at the Wayne County Humane Society.


The Wayne County Humane Society is setting a goal to spay/neuter every animal in the shelter, and we need your help! By contributing to our Spay/Neuter Fund, you can help ensure that every animal leaving the shelter is spayed or neutered.

Whether your contribution to the Spay and Neuter Fund is $10 or $1,000, your dollars will go directly toward this important service.

While we are working on a long-term program to ensure that every animal leaving our shelter is spayed or neutered, we wanted to do what we could now. Every step makes a difference.

To help us meet our goal, please donate to the Spay/Neuter Fund now:



Please HELP!

Dear Friends: We need your help. The Wayne County Humane Society is a small, independent, non-profit organization that cares for a segment of our community that is often overlooked. Providing quality medical care to our animals and adequate shelter and adoption/rescue services is our charge. These efforts are made possible by the generosity of folks who share our love for animals. We are so grateful for all of our adopters, fosters, volunteers, donors and friends throughout the year. But right now, we need a little extra help. Even a gift as small as $5 can help save lives. Those funds go directly toward giving shelter to an animal who has suffered abuse or neglect; providing quality medical care to the animals entrusted to our care; and keeping our neighborhoods safe and healthy for both animals and humans. If you are a lover of animals, please consider making a donation today to support our operations. Donate now.


WISH LIST (In Order of Need)

  • Volunteers: for details about volunteering see Donate/Gift of Time
  • Laundry Detergent
  • Bleach & Ammonia
  • Cat Toys (not ball toys)
  • Paper Towels
  • Feline Live Traps
  • Dry Kitten Food
  • Pate' Wet Food
  • Puppy or Kitten Formula
  • Food Service Gloves
  • Rubber or Latex Gloves
  • Cat Litter 
  • Dry Cat Food
  • Dry Dog Food
  • Prescription Flea Medication
  • Feliway
  • Copier Paper
  • Ink Pens
  • Office Supplies
  • Disposable Shoe Covers
  • Foster Parents
  • Dry Puppy Food
  • Toilet Paper
  • Canned Dog Food
  • Hose Spray Nozzles
  • Brooms
  • Lint Rollers
  • Microscope (lab grade with 3x optical zoom)
  • Camcorder
  • Cat Treats
  • 75'-100' Non-Kink Hose
  • Work Gloves
  • 45+ Gallon Heavy Trash Bags
  • Dog Treats
  • Peanut Butter