The Wayne County Humane Society is dedicated to providing resources about the care of animals as best as possible. There are many reliable sources of expertise on many topics surrounding animal care, so the information provided here is not intended to be an exhaustive resource. We hope that what we can tell you about pet care, legal guidelines, and other information proves useful to your knowledge about animal care.

Additionally, the Wayne County Humane Society can provide educational seminars to your group. These sessions help to satisfy our mission of measurably reducing companion animal overpopulation while promoting humane values within the community. Many of our educational programs are aimed at educating youth, yet we are happy to educate any demographic. If you would like us to host an educational program at your facility please contact us.

Here are just a few examples of the groups we have conducted educational programs for:
• Learn and Play
• Perky's World of Children
• Families Learning Together
• Lion's Club
• Burbank Elementary School
• Retirement home