Our mission is simple:

WCHS, Inc. is an independent non-profit animal shelter dedicated to:

  • finding committed, permanent homes for companion animals in our community
  • measurably reducing companion animal overpopulation
  • educating and promoting humane values

Our Core Values:

  • We will maintain a place of safety for companion animals in our community, providing quality veterinary care and spay/neuter services before placing them into permanent homes.
  • We will not euthanize adoptable companion animals. We believe humane euthanasia is a last resort to end animals' suffering or to ensure public safety and welfare. We will not allow terminally sick or badly injured companion animals to die painful deaths. Our compassion for companion animals will not allow us to keep an animal endlessly in a cage without hope of release, nor will we release animals which we know are dangerous or diseased.
  • We will play an active role in the prevention of cruelty to companion animals by nourishing the relationship between companion animals and humans through education and community outreach.